Kitchen Remodeling

Create Your Own Dream Kitchen

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Renovate the heart of your home with help from Innovative Construction & Remodeling, LLC. We'll sit down with you to make a 3-D design of your dream kitchen. From flooring to cabinetry, we'll help you customize every detail to meet your style and budget.

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kitchen remodeling project in edmond ok

3 reasons to update your kitchen cabinets

Your cabinetry is a focal point to your entire kitchen design. Let Innovative Construction & Remodeling help you get the modern, sleek, rustic or industrial look you're going for. We can:

  1. Add value to your kitchen and home.
  2. Install large, contemporary kitchen cabinets.
  3. Add a new texture or color to your kitchen design.

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Get What You Want In A Kitchen

When you're ready to begin your kitchen remodeling project, rely on the experienced team at Innovative Construction & Remodeling. Our comprehensive kitchen remodeling services include:

  • Demolishing or removing any necessary aspects of your existing kitchen
  • Remodeling plumbing and electrical features to fit the updated floor plan
  • Designing and building out the new floor plan and custom cabinetry
  • Installing the flooring, lighting, backsplashes, and new appliances

However you envision your dream kitchen, our home remodeling contractor will make it a reality. Call today to speak with our team to learn what we can do for you.